Romeo and Juliet Reloaded

Seit einigen Jahren richten Schülerinnen und Schüler unserer Schule in Q2 einen Literaturabend aus, auch um damit einen finanziellen Beitrag zur Kursfahrt in Q3 zu erwirtschaften. Aus der diesjährigen Literature Night des Englisch-Tutoriums gedacht, hat sich in wenigen Wochen ein kursübergreifendes Jahrgangsprojekt der Q2 entwickelt.

Die Beschäftigung mit William Shakespeares Drama „Romeo and Juliet  im Unterricht, noch dazu im Jubiläumsjahr 2016, hat enorme Energien freigesetzt und bis dahin ungeahnte Qualitäten unserer Schülerinnen und Schüler ans Licht gebracht.

Heraus kam „Romeo and Juliet Reloaded“ eine im Text gekürzte und zum Teil modifizierte, mit modernen Medien inszenierte, „ge-genderte“ und mit Ton- und Lichteffekten abgerundete Aufführung, die von Mitschülern, Eltern und Lehrern mit großem Applaus bedacht wurde.


Text:            B.Seitz-Nowotny/HJ.Molsberger

Bilder:         HJ.Molsberger/ B.Seitz-Nowotny


For me, “Romeo and Juliet” was …

… a great experience and a lot of fun. I was surprised how awesome the result actually was. (Amelie)

… a great opportunity to get to know Shakespeare’s language and to find out why his plays are still relevant today. (Johanna S.)

… to discover how much fun it is to be an actor, especially to play a character who is completely different from oneself. In addition, we have mastered everything as a team, which has led to a great result. (Hannah L.)

… important for my self-development. I got to know the difference between producing and consuming a play. (Anna-Luisa)

… great fun and hard work at the same time. I really enjoyed taking part in this performance and getting to know my classmates in a different way. (Luise)

… fantastic. It changed me in a very special way and it strengthened our sense of community. I am very thankful that I could be part of this amazing project. (Konstatin P.)

… not only proving excellent teamwork leading to success but also the unexpectedly high number of hidden talents amongst my classmates. (Ida)

… the most exciting project I ever had at school because it was a great chance to try something different besides the usual school stuff and our effort was already worthwhile just because of the fun we had. (Stefan)

… a highly new and surprising experience to get to know what can be achieved when working on something with enthusiasm in a project of students. Though it was time-consuming, it was definitely worth it. It was a lot of fun and I am proud of our result. (Anna)

… exhausing, but really rewarding at the same time. (Gary)

… a few 100 metres of cable to be installed. (Jean-Luc)

… about trying to achieve the maximum effect with little resources and about accepting that some ideas couldn’t be realised on stage. (Florian)

… an amazing experience how our teamwork inspired everyone to give their best. In all these weeks, we grew closer together, having fun and fear. For myself, I could gather all my courage and even held monologues on stage. Thank you! (Ana)

… a lot of fun organizing a theatre production and it was also a big experience especially because I recognized how much work it is to arrange a show like this. (Niklas)

… an amazing experience since I got to know how to manage an event and understood how much work it is. (Jonas)